The Cloud.

The cloud allows the government to follow you. It never dawned on me that our government controls us now by the cloud. Our medical records are on the cloud. Our spending habits are on the cloud. Who we follow and what we write about is on the cloud. The control the government has is on the cloud. What would the governments, the banks and the people do without the cloud of communication? We would have freedom, peace, and they would be scrambling.

Twitter Trends

I have noticed the trends on twitter have changed. They are what twitter chooses based on twitter’s criteria. I used to enjoy twitter when they had a tab called Discovery. That was in April. I noticed after that, that the twitter trends also changed. Is it me or has twitter chosen what trends are trends? It reminds me of the way, the New York Times choses their best selling list.

There is a trend in the chosen by the US Pravda, is what I believe.

Has anyone read the FCC rules for Obama-Net?

Is it time to create a new net? We could call it earth connection. It would be private with membership only. If there is a law, then there are ‘ways around the law’ but staying within the law.

I will research it further. I am thinking of a multiplier. It’s the hardware. It has to be KISS(Keep it simple stupid).  I know their address system is set up their way and the computer’s way. I believe we could create a new one.  They would be scrambling to read it? Maybe we could shrink the address system instead? Aw, maybe we could go into a negative range. Hmm, maybe just a hurricane in the clouds would do it?

The Coup to make President Obama President for Life:

I have been debating a blind Liberal for two days. I upset him pretty bad.( I know…hard to believe). The following is our conversation.

Scottie my dear, you are a fool. I am sick about even thinking about the man. I am sick of his pictures, his voice, and his propaganda poppycock. I am da mn sure, sick of talking to you about him. Go kiss his a ss and come to his defense until the cows come home. I don’t care what you do where our Treasonous President is concerned. He was never Presidential material and that’s a fact. He’s a man that fooled a nation and that will be his legacy!!!!Go away, Champ!!!

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    PS. Don’t count on me reblogging your poppycock. It sucks!

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    Bring it on baby!!

    Well, since you showed me yours I guess I have to show you mine:…

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      I already figured out you are the Good Professor over there. I know a great Professor over here. He’s not a raving maniac like you. He is a Liberal nice guy and not crazy like you. You are not a good neighbor and I am glad you are in Maine and I am in Washington. We will never have to be in the same room which is a great thing! I would slap you for being such a traitor!
      Go seek your destiny, Champ! You deserve it.

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        I thought my responses to you would at least be entertaining satire. I’m starting to think you took them seriously. Yikes! Giving Trump New Jersey and New York? Poisoning his toupee? Obama visiting his Kenyan birthplace? You thought I was serious? Sigh.


        I think you are a strange man who has issues like our President. What good President acts the way he does? You are the bragger, not me. I don’t put nothing past evil people like you.
        Don’t forget to hike your retirement by hiking and double dipping. It’s the great con.
        David Hannum said, “There’s a sucker born every day”. You and your buddies are the suckers. (Especially you Mr. Gay Beta Fairy man)
        Please don’t talk to me anymore. You don’t deserve to talk to the Lucky Lady! You are a disappointment in my view just like our President. Go seek your destiny!


        Well sorry you’re sick of him, but we’re planning a coup to make him President for life, so get used to him”

        He said back:

        Nah, we’ve already got Texas occupied. Donald Trump is playing his role well (we promised him control of New Jersey and New York in exchange for destroying the GOP from within). The hard part will be converting churches to mosques, but hey – Ramadan is good for the waistline”

        I said back : ”

        Go for it, I am only waiting to change one line in the updated Declaration of our independence, when your coup happens. You’ll have blood on your hands, if and when that day comes. I will not go down without a fight! We already know he is a traitor. People like you will spend time in prison!

        This Liberal professor is nuts. Here is how the story goes…quoted from our conversation.

        Your coup will not work because you would have to kill Senators, Governors, Representatives and others. Are you going to be lining up the guillintones for the dissidents like me? You are the one with mental issues and living in a fairyland. That is typical of a gay liberal man. It makes sense that you are a Liberal Professor. You guys have ruined our country. You sicken me as much as our President because your fantasy betrays your neighbors!


        Nah, they’ve already been bought off, and the media will concoct a story. We’ve got armies of Mexicans coming up with the promise of free citizenship and American jobs. When Obama visited his birthplace in Kenya earlier this summer he also snuck back some Ebola back in case it’s necessary. Of course, Trump is likely to plot his own coup – we don’t think he’ll be satisfied with Jersey and New York. Poison in his toupee will take care of him. Another secret weapon is Michelle – or Michael, as his real name is. He does cross dress and play the role well, doesn’t he? Yup, everything set and ready to go, though it’s hard to sneak Obama’s image on to Mt. Rushmore – can only work at night and people are wondering why that far section of the mountain is covered. Soon it will be unveiled! Just awaiting the go ahead from the real boss, Ayatollah Khamenei!


        This is you Scottie? Right.…

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    Danke, gleichfalls!



If you are a conservative, you should read this great article.

Originally posted on Roybeaird's Blog:


Okay that title alone is probably worth at least 2-3 ‘unfriend’ actions but I believe it to be the truth and I base that on what I see happening in America today. In the past few months I have been challenged dozens of times by liberal leftist who proudly proclaim that they fully support the policies of Barack Obama, think Benghazi was a minor incident, support the IRS targeting conservative groups, and see no reason for the administration to work with any Republican on anything. Sounds like the tolerance they preach right?

This administration has used such vicious rhetoric and vitriol calling conservatives ‘domestic terrorist’ largely because they disagree with him on how to govern and what America should be. He has lamented that the constitution is too restrictive, does not allow government to DO whatever it desires and feels needed. He does not believe in American Exceptionalism, has proclaimed…

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Angry Obama goes all finger-waggy at Major Garrett for asking why hostages weren’t including in the #IranDeal


Major Garrett asked the question that needed asked: Obama responded in his typical arrogant way.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

CBS’s Major Garrett had a great question for President Obama at today’s Iran deal presser on the four Americans currently held hostage in Iran (3 in custody, 1 whereabouts unknown) and why their release wasn’t part of the overall agreement.

Garret asked, “Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content, with all the fanfare around this deal, to leave the conscious of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?”


President Obama, however, was visibly angry at the question and snapped at Garrett, “You should know better.”

View original 270 more words

Obama in his own words

Obama would never admit to association with Frank Marshall Davis. He may have never been elected if the truth was known. I watched the whole video. The man could sell you ice cream in an igloo at fifty below. He is so sneaky and charming. I had his number down! The main stream media had to have known? What jerks, huh?

My Magnetism

I have an appointment at the Cancer Care Center to get my phlebotomy, which is a blood draw. It is not to be confused with a lobotomy. Some might want to do that to me… to shut me up, but oh well.

I have Hemochromatosis. It is an iron overload disease. It is called the Celtic Curse with the Luck of the Irish. It is one of the few genetic disorders that may not affect you as long as you get your blood draws. I will lose 3500 calories today, so there are some positive benefits. I will feel super weak for rest of the day. Hemochromatosis is the most common disorder in Northern European descent. It is higher in Irish descendants. I must be a walking around transducer, is my theory. I stay away from lightning storms, just in case.  I believe the attraction of magnetics to iron explains the deep Spiritual connections the Celtics have. The disorder came about because our ancestors needed to store iron for the famine times. Our DNA mutated to help us survive. I will look at the positives here instead of all the damage my organs may have taken. I believe my Mom had it because she died at only 61 of a massive heart attack. Hemochromatosis masks an array of diseases and most Doctors never catch it.

I recommend anybody that has European roots, to spend the money to get tested because it can save your life. Last time I checked at this link, it was ninety nine dollars. Ninety nine dollars for peace of mind is worth it. It should be a common blood test by Doctors because it is such a common disease. Please check out these two sites.

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